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Abdul Samad Haidari & JinJin Xu

On September 13th, Manderley was delighted to host poet Abdul Samad Haidari in conversation with poet JinJin Xu.

JinJin Xu is a writer and filmmaker from Shanghai. Her work can be found in The Margins, The Common, Berlin's Harun Farocki Institute, and NYC's Immigrant Artist Biennial. She is the 2020 winner of the Poetry Society of America’s George Bogin Memorial Prize and a finalist for the Cecil Hemley Memorial Award. A previous Thomas J. Watson Fellow, she is currently an MFA candidate in Poetry at NYU, where she received the Lillian Vernon Fellowship and teaches ballet/poetry workshops. Her chapbook THERE IS STILL SINGING IN THE AFTERLIFE won the inaugural Own Voices Chapbook Prize selected by Aria Aber and is forthcoming in November 2020 from Radix Media.

Abdul Samad Haidari is an Afghan journalist, humanitarian-aid worker, and a poet. He currently resides in Indonesia as a refugee. Abdul Samad has authored a book of poetry called The Red Ribbon which is the top ten best sellers in Indonesia. Abdul was invited to Ubud Writers & Readers Festival in 2019. He attended several literary festivals in Jakarta and spoke in various human rights panel discussions with the UNHCR, IOM, and in other refugee-focused discussion groups. He is currently working on his PTSD book and has a few books of poetry, ready for editing to be published. Abdul can be reached at:

Please hear Abdul's reading and interview with JinJin below, and reach out to him at his email address provided above.

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